Vocation takes a vacation!

I LOVE diversity in my work, and for a long time I’ve viewed vocation as more of a mosaic; not wanting one job to satisfy all my vocational hopes and dreams. So I share the load between hobbies and income-producing activities these days. Shortly after I moved to Denver I taught a handful of yoga … Continue reading Vocation takes a vacation!

Social Impact From Your Couch

About 9 months ago I joined Beautycounter as a consultant - I bought the products because they were safer, but I moved to a consultant role because of the way this company lives out its mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. A few days ago the House Energy and Commerce Committee's … Continue reading Social Impact From Your Couch

Beautycounter Product Credit 101

For all you Band of Beauty Members: How is Product Credit accrued? How long does it last? How do I know my balance? Band of Beauty members earn 10% product credit on all qualifying purchases, every time you purchase! Product Credit expires 90 days from each original purchase date. Want to use your credit? Simply … Continue reading Beautycounter Product Credit 101