Vocation takes a vacation!

I LOVE diversity in my work, and for a long time I’ve viewed vocation as more of a mosaic; not wanting one job to satisfy all my vocational hopes and dreams. So I share the load between hobbies and income-producing activities these days.

Shortly after I moved to Denver I taught a handful of yoga classes each week while working as a charter school administrator by day.

Then I started a consulting practice on the side to evaluate schools and programs, which scratched the strategic thinking itch.

And when I was pregnant with Oakley I trained as a certified coach and developed a coaching practice so I could stay home more with my growing babe.

And last year I started as a Beautycounter consultant to serve people (+ the planet) and pitch in to our family finances.

Have you lost count of the pieces of vocational pie I’ve mentioned?

That’s kind of the point, right? Send your idea of vocation on vacation for a minute.

It was incredibly painful for me at first because (maybe like you?) I had a fixed mindset about vocation which went something like, “Pick a career you love and stay with it for the rest of your life, or at least 20 years. And if you don’t do that, you’re failing.”


With our current arrangement I am not working full-time, but since I LOVE problem-solving and finding ways to use my creativity to add value to people’s lives and connect with them I have income streams from my role as a Beautycounter consultant as well as my consulting practice for schools.

And right now specifically, this work and the way I’m doing it has actually been ideal for being quarantined with 3 kids because I fit most of my tasks into small (very intentional) windows of time.

Aaand. This season can be super lonely so having a place like Beautycounter to connect with people (clients and fellow consultants) in a way that aligns to my values has been incredibly rewarding.

I’m sure you can’t relate to having to wear more hats than you imagined during the past 6 months, right?!

So, there’s a little peak beyond this frame – I am a full-time mom, with part-time help, a couple part-time gigs and some thoughtful rhythms that keep me sane (and I get paid to do things I enjoy).

How have you (or would you like to) put your idea of vocation on a little vacation these days?

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