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Well friends, this is so fun for me to share info, and support you in making great switches to cleaner and safer products. I am truly delighted to find ways to help you land on the right products for your journey,  skin + budget.

If you hear me say I “recommend” something, what I’m saying is that I have either a) used the product and stand behind it, b) talked extensively to people who have, or c) researched to the depths of the interwebs and Beautycounter’s Counter University to understand the product in it’s entirety.

My aim is to understand your needs, and these products to set you up for the best match. And, I am thoroughly enjoying the learning opportunity so if you ask me something I don’t know, I’m going to find out.


Now, Why Beautycounter? is a question I get a lot. There are lots of other products out there that are aiming to be cleaner and safer for you. However, I’m not here to simply get you mascara and lipstick, I’m here to share with you a different way to see yourself in the larger economy.

Beautycounter is leading the industry in transparency and disclosure of ingredients (scroll all the way down for more!), packaging with carbon footprint in mind, and empowering it’s clients and consultants with the information necessary to be empowered and advocate for higher standards industry-wide in North America.

I am connecting customers to products because I want us to lift our gaze and see there’s a bigger picture we’re involved in – we can vote with our dollars to demand greater access to quality products for ALL people, not just those with more discretionary income.

Okay… I’ll stop for now, but you see, it’s not just about a sale, or feeling sassy in some lipstick (although that is the major bonus, and starting point for a lot of us).

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