Coaching with Leah PP

I assist you in getting clear, getting moving and getting results that you want through 45-60 minute focused sessions.

We will explore your vision for an ideal life, and ensure you are equipped to live it fully!

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  1. You identify your current state through a short reflection exercise.
  2. I ask you questions to clarify your desired vision for your life. You will become familiar with the detailed landscape of your vision over the course of our work, even if you don’t think you have one yet!
  3. We will explore your toolbox – what tools do you have, and what tools will be helpful for your journey toward realizing your vision for your life.
  4. Through a series of sessions we will establish short and long-term goals aligned to your vision, and each session will include an action step or deep inquiry to that end.
  5. I am your advocate, ally and kick-in-the-pants to get you from your current reality to the life you desire.


People who typically seek me out are entering or want to enter a transition between careers or seasons of life (college-to-career, promotion-ready, marriage, postpartum, stay-at-home-to-career, etc.).


I coach because I believe in the power of changing one person’s life at a time, my own included.

Let’s get started with our first session!