Sourdough Baking Schedule

I’ve gone so many directions with my baking schedule over the years. When I first started baking sourdough I wouldn’t plan for the timing of it all and end up baking at midnight, or waking up to a loaf that fell after too long of a rise.

It still happens, for sure, but here’s my current baking schedule if you want to try it on for size:

I use a recipe that calls for 150g of starter, and I don’t like to have a lot left other than to replenish the starter so I plan for it (arrow down).

2 feeds to get me to 150 + 25g leftover 175/3 = ~58, 58/3 = ~20

Are you hungry yet? What’s your fave topping for fresh bread? Mine’s a load of salted butter!

  • Thursday after dinner Discard all but 20g of starter, and feed it (20g water, 20g flour, 20g starter), cover the jar, and leave it on the counter overnight. If you keep your starter in the fridge, it might need two feedings to come alive so feed it in the am and pm that day.
  • Friday Morning or mid-morning: Check my starter and feed it again so I can make the dough in the evening for an overnight rise (should be 60g starter so add 60g flour, 60g water). Not sure if it’s “ready”? Drop a teaspoon of it in room temp water and if it rises to the top you’re ready! If not, feed it again and push the schedule back a ½ or full day.
  • Friday after dinner (or whenever your starter is ready): Make the dough. Leave on the counter to bulk rise at room temperature.
  • Sat Morning: shape the dough. Place in Dutch oven or countertop for second rise. Slash. Bake. Cool. Eat.

What’s your favorite toast toppings?

I love either a simple slather of salted butter OR smashed avocado with a few grinds of salt!

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