Spring Cleaning Sessions

Imagine the day when…
the tension in your shoulders melts away.
you make decisions based on what’s most important to you.
you leave a family gathering without resentment.
you can tolerate hard emotions.

Spring Cleaning Sessions is a 6-session program aimed at empowering the very best and most authentic version of you. Similar to a nice sprucing up in your home, we’ll take a look at your inner life and clear away the habits and thinking that are no longer serving your life’s purpose.

You bring your story,  a healthy bit of courage and a little tenacity, and I’ll guide you through the process of:

  • clarifying your values
  • defining a guiding purpose
  • standing in your best self
  • getting to know your greatest attributes and how to recruit them at a moment’s notice
  • establishing a simple mindfulness practice


Let’s get to it! Click here to schedule our first session.