Winter Skin Routine for Yours Truly!

When the weather starts to shift in Colorado, I notice my skin feeling parched more quickly, particularly my hands and my face. So, here’s what I’ve shifted.

Holler back if you have any questions about how to tailor your routine for the winter.

  • I adjust the frequency of using the Overnight Resurfacing Peel from 1-2 times a week to 2-3 times a week (sloughs off dry skin without drying more). If you’re looking to stock up on this product – get it in the Glow Getters Trio or Counter+ Faves for a great value this season! One bottle lasts me about 10 months, just for reference.Cleansing Balm
  • I integrate the Cleansing Balm as an overnight mask to at least 1/week (and rely on it more frequently as a cleanser when I’ve really gussied up my eye makeup – it’s genius at removing mascara!).
  • Nearly every morning I’ve been adding in 1-3 drops of either the #3 Balancing or #1 Brightening oil with my Countertime Soft Cream (day moisturizer).
  • Although I initially thought this product was a bit useless, I can now be seen using the Countertime Essence obsessively (one quarter size portion after cleansing), then add the serum while Essence is wet. It helps thin pores, moisturize and “prep” the skin to get maximum absorption from the creams – like a toner but not drying so perfect for protecting our skin. And, it feels so hydrating but not oily.
  • And of course, the Countertime Eye Cream is an absolute necessity to perk up my peepers this fall – I love this bundle with the eye cream + (biodegradable) eye masks!Melting Body Balm
  • My surprise love this fall has been the Melting Body Balm. I got it just to try it out before recommending it as the Band of Beauty gift a couple months ago, and it has gone above and beyond. I apply it on my hands and dry skin areas (elbows, hands, feet at night), and along with helping with dryness, it also just smells amazing. TRULY!
  • AND, never underestimate the value of hydration – I’m sneaking in a couple extra cups of tea to increase my hydration this season (am I really tricking myself if I just named it here?).

What are your tricks to stay hydrated this season?

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