Skincare Journey

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I recently started using Beautycounter products, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been this kind to my skin (seriously.).

I quickly jumped in and joined as a consultant because I believe in using my voice and my dollar to change a terribly unregulated industry (no new legislation since 1938).

You can buy their products online or at a few retail shops at the same price too.

If cleaner and safer skincare products are your jam, holler back and I’d love to talk advocacy or cleanser!

For those of you who just got a chill down your spine because you thought I was quitting coaching to sell makeup, don’t be alarmed I’m not leaving coaching or my K12 ed consulting work, just adding another lane of work because I am absolutely geeking out on the safer skincare movement and products that actually work.

Here’s a little more of my thoughts on skincare, Beautycounter and how to get involved.

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