on my nightstand and in my ears

  • Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist
  • The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
  • Building our House by Jonathan Bean
  • The Midlife Unraveling by Brene Brown. I read this every so often when I need better words to describe some of my own midlife crisis (or midlife unraveling as she calls it).
  • I love the Daily Meditations from Richard Rohr, and this reminder from Parker Palmer that “Contemplation is any way one has of penetrating illusion and touching reality.”
  • This practice of starting the day with purpose felt like such a gift to myself this week, especially step #3. I gave myself permission to put my phone on airplane mode until 4:30pm one day and it was incredible!
  • I appreciated the June 15th issue of The Pause in that it connected Rohr and Brene Brown’s assertions that “it is precisely in our humanity that we’re able to find connection with one another.” Anyone else subscribe to this?
  • Richard Rohr’s interview when he talks about praying for “one good humiliation a day” to challenge his ego. It reminded me of how Phil won’t let me go skiing without having at least one fall a day (translation: he’ll push me over on the last run of the day if I haven’t taken a spill yet!).

What are you pondering?


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