Alignment Check

Oakley and Leah 6 months

Have you had a day where you were told you were glowing? Where you felt downright zippy? Like you just knew you were walking the right path at the right moment?

For me, those are the days that started with a cup of piping hot earl grey tea around 5:30 in the morning, a minute or two of mindful breathing on the couch, and a chapter from a book that nurtures me before greeting the sun. Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr is on the little end-table I inherited from my grandmother at this exact moment. After I finish my tea, I jot down a few notes and map out (mentally or on paper) my most important tasks for the day and the ideal rhythm for my time. I mostly stay at home with my two kids (Oak, 2yrs and Jo, 8mo) so the rhythm and priorities include them as well.

When I start my days this way it’s like a great chiropractic alignment for my soul. Although this particular order isn’t for everyone, it works for me because it is aligned to my values, my season of life (little babes, winter, 30’s), and my personality (ENFP, Enneagram 4, middle child). One of my values is connection (to self and others) so starting my day by tuning in and honoring myself with a bit of time, nourishment and reflection feels just right.

I plan out the rhythm of my day to give me moments of connection with my kids – we may all go for a walk before Jo’s morning nap and explore the rocks and bugs along the lake, and I’ll plan an activity for Oakley and I to do together like making a cake or baking bread. I put Oak down for afternoon naps first so Jo and I can stare at each other and giggle before her nap.

I value knowledge/learning, and keep a loose personal development plan for myself that includes books to read, podcasts to listen to and e-courses I have access to. The morning learning time is used to nurture this value intentionally. Some mornings it may be only 5 minutes of reading an article or a portion of a podcast and other’s I finish a 45-minute podcast and a refill on my tea.

The point is, I am at my best when the activities in my day are aligned to the values I hold most dear. This alignment is invigorating, and the positive energy is contagious. I glow. I radiate. I’m absolutely zippy on these days. It doesn’t just happen passively. I have to plan for this alignment. So…

What are your values?
What are the activities that make your values come to life?
Who do you say “yes” and “no” to in order to make these activities a priority?

If you want to explore these questions reach out to me directly or schedule a session with me!

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