Beautycounter Consultant 101

I’m a couple months in to being a consultant right now and I LOVE doing it. I also started by saying I wouldn’t, and I’ve asked ton of questions along the way. I’ve been so grateful to have a mentor who kind of forged her own path in how she runs her business because now I know that doing it the way she has really works (authenticity, integrity and generosity win), and I love that.

So, any question you have I’ve probably asked it too! But to start, here’s a bit of basic information about being a consultant, which will hopefully help paint a picture of what it can be like. It really is so flexible and different person to person so I’m so happy to talk more about what it could look like in your life.

I am on a team of 20+ people who I absolutely LOVE working with, and learning from about things beyond Beautycounter too. My mentor makes herself very available for mentoring and answering daily questions.

You can reply to this email or shoot me a DM on Instagram if you have any other questions about what it was like for me to become a consultant, or what it could look like for you to join my team. I’m here to help – I LOVE getting to work with the people who want to join this movement toward cleaner beauty.

So the short story about being a consultant:

  • You get everything on the site at a 25% (and sometimes more) discount!
  • You make 25%+ on any sale you bring in.
  • You can sign up for $98 (or $69 if you’re a Band of Beauty member) and you get a welcome pack with an Overnight Resurfacing Peel and another “hero” item (usually lipstick), a tote bag, makeup bag and some other things to get you started!
  • You then get paid your commission regardless of how little you sell, one lipstick… you get 25%.
  • The only requirement for maintaining consultant status is that you sell or buy $1200 every 6 months. If you don’t hit it, nothing happens you just go down to Band of Beauty, no penalties no fees, no punishment! And I love that. That 1200 number doesn’t happen by mistake for most people – it takes some diligence, but with a little diligence it’s very possible. (To help you gauge: The average Beautycounter order is $125 so you’re looking at 1-2 orders per month to make that number work. And I’m here to help!) I’m not going to push you to hit goals you don’t want to hit, at all. I’m here to work this well for YOU! But I’ll help as much as you want and strategize to get you there!!
  • It’s a very flexible role, so it really can work for anyone who is ready to put in a little work and give something to the business! I’ve seen some people simply use their personalized link as a referral link, and share it like you would if someone asked you where you got your jeans (Here’s the link to where I got that lipstick you liked!”).
  • You can read more on the Beautycounter site HERE (or if you just want to sign up that’s there too).
  • Right now they only ship to US and Canada and US military addresses, but people have done it from other places too, if you’re a travel bug.

Starter Sets:

You can absolutely start this job with nothing but the things you already own, and then the $69 signup fee! There’s no other thing you need to buy. I’ll work with you whenever you start. That said, at sign up you have the option to add a starter set (see them HERE) to get the best Beautycounter products at a much more reduced price. Having the sets enables you to be familiar with more of the products, to host pop ups (which I never thought I’d do but are SO fun!), and to loan sets out to people to test and to create mini testers. They also all contain samples you can gift to people, which I love doing and really helps people.

I started with the mid-range set, and have been so grateful to have product in my hands to try out myself, and share with local friends for a few days at a time.

When a new consultant buys either of the three larger starter kits (skin care best sellers, deluxe skin care, or the makeup master kit), I do a cash back on the start-up fee of $69/$98 for them so that they put all their money towards just product and we can work together to get you the strongest start and make back the investment as fast as possible!

If you want talk more, I open up 15 minute slots to chat because sometimes it’s easier for people to figure it out that way and fire lots of questions! If you want to book one in you can choose any slot on my calendar HERE. You can also just shoot me an email (leah.saieg at gmail) or an Instagram DM and I’ll send you a note or voice memo back.

I hope that helps!